When the young Bosnian-Herzegovinian talent, Marko Potkozarac Feher first presented his new collection, Enough! he did so as part of a memorable feature during Sarajevo Fashion Week. Staging a theatrical interpretation of a protest, centered on his designs, Feher called on the use of props and attitude in his models to deliver an artistically articulated message. As its exclamation-marked title would suggest, the collection vies for a change – or at the very least recognition of its significant need at present. The inspiration behind the androgynous pieces, each of which embodies a certain raw and unrefined but nonetheless unified strength, originated from observations of scenes and situations of political unrest. The particularly distinct aesthetic alludes boldly to a celebration of rebellion; to a sense of hope which is to be found among the youth, according to Feher. The graphic inserts of grey upon black bases serve as subtle hints at this hope: in short, they represent rather literally slivers of emerging light within the darkness.