“Kozara Ethno Fusion” shows in a completely new way that the characteristic elements of folk costumes are still wearable on the city streets today. Marko Feher has transformed the embroidery of the traditional costume into a unique print that decorates dresses, scarves, shirts and coats.
People from the Balkan, Bosnia and Hercegovina feel ashamed of tradition and customs that we have, for no reason. We don’t learn in schools about tradition and customs, maybe that is the reason why people don’t see us in the right way. So far all Marko’s projects have been based mainly on art in fashion, or more precisely the avant-garde approach to design, this time it was the point to keep his expression, tradition and put them all together to enlighten the tradition of walking in our and other cities around the world.
The focus of this collection are the fabrics and the materials, made exclusively for the needs of this collection. All the fabrics include motifs from traditional clothing. They have transformed the motives into something contemporary and still retained the uniqueness of the original elements. The coloring process is biological and is not toxic to the environment, most of the materials are 100 % eco-cotton.