The roots are our past, present, and future.
My Grandfather decided to donate his suits to the “Red Cross” (because he doesn’t need them anymore, as he said), but they said they also had too many clothes and that it is better that he tries to give all those suits to someone in need, privately, then he decides to throw up suits – then I decided to take all those suits, which are very high quality and to redesign them and make new things out of them, to have my own grandpa heritage and to make new memory on and for him.

Reusing old suits, shirts, ties, and turning into new things. In addition, recycling old grandfather’s badges, belts, figurines … But first of all recycling memories…

In this case, using existing clothing also has emotional value. All things without exception in this collection are from recycled old things, shoes, slippers, coats, pants, buttons, absolutely everything.